VetMed Students Living Well Registration

Choosing Healthy & Taking ACTION! 

Your career and creating a sustainable, healthy life in #VetMed is important to us. We are ecstatic veterinary and technician students are interested in attending the Living Well Streamed Symposium!

#VetMedStudent registration is only $25.00!! Faculty, too!

Join us for the Spring 2021 Living Well Symposium March 5th-7th. All the classes are in a unique 4-hour block. 12-Hours of RACE Credits in those jurisdictions accepted their approved programs.

# Individuals

As you step into your #VetMed career, understanding your role in teamwork, communications, connecting and self-care will enhance your enjoyment and longevity in it. You are taking the right steps in Choosing Healthy & Taking ACTION! We applaud you.

Take a look at the stellar speaker line-up.

Here’s to your healthy, sustainable career in #VetMed! When you have questions, reach out. Send an email to [email protected]