Sunday Living Well Classes

Sunday Veterinary Teams Living Well classes

Password for Recordings: LivingWell2!


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March Symp Sat Sun PDF 2021

Elective Classes (no credits)

Homesteading Happiness,  Introduction  to  Homesteading Click Here

  • Dr. Katie Hogan
  • Notes arriving soon.

Living Well Through Goal Setting Click Here  

  • Dr. Katie Hogan
  • Notes

Self-Compassion & 5 Reiki Practices Click Here 

Veterinary Team Communications-Chaos to Calm Click Here

Commit to ACTION! Share your Top Three Priorities on the Symposium Page. Winning Wednesday, celebrate little and BIG successes! 

Vintage Speaker Track 1 (CE credits)

Rabies; How Scared Should you Be? Click Here  

All by Myself; Connection in VetMed Click Here 

Courageous Conversations; Respond, Don’t React Click Here 

KPIs in Veterinary Team Wellbeing Click Here 

Vintage Speakers Track 2

Speaker Track 2 Zoom Room Click Here  

Breaking Happy Part 1 Click Here  

Breaking Happy Part 2 Click Here  

Are you Creating your own Drama? Click Here 

Team Building; Create Stronger Practice Teams Click Here 


November Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed Symposium

Alumni Registration is NOW OPEN! Same focus of integrating a healthy, sustainable life and career in #VetMed with engaging, passionate, knowledgable speakers and coaches. JOIN US!

Living Well Round-Up (Ask us ANYTHING) two Open Forum discussions.

March 11th at High Noon, Mtn Time Zoom Link Here

March 19th at 5:00, Mtn Time Zoom Link Here

THANK YOU for your continued dedication to #VetTeamsLivingWell!