Set Goals & Refocus

August 27, 2018

Fall.Autumn Background

Seasonal Transitions are a great time to refocus and set goals

You may not want to admit it, but summer is coming to an end and we will soon be transitioning into Fall. I have found the changing of seasons often brings about a time of reflection, taking a look at what has been accomplished over the past few months and regrouping for the upcoming season. This may be the case for you and your veterinary healthcare team, a time to reflect, establish your focus and set goals.

As I look back upon the summer it has been a whirlwind of events; completed projects, deadlines met, traveling, and presentations. As I recall the summer events, I have learned, again, that when I step outside my comfort zone I experience the most professional and personal growth.

Now, I begin focusing on the upcoming months and tasks at hand, identifying the larger projects. I dissect larger projects into smaller pieces, tackling the tasks with ease; eventually reaching the end goal.

You and your veterinary team can apply the same principles as you transition from summer to fall. Reflect back on the past few months and establish your focus and goals for the upcoming months. Veterinarians, managers and the entire healthcare team may benefit from the exercise.

Following is the SMART Goal outline I use throughout the year. You may find it beneficial.  Yes, you may have seen the SMART acronym before, but have you truly applied the concept?

NOW is the time for you to print off a few of the sheets and fill them out! Seriously, download and hit the print button or place on your iPad and begin filling them out within the next 72 hours. TAKE ACTION and begin the ball rolling towards establishing your focus and reaching your goals!

SMART Goals Defined

Specific, give your task or project a clear title, target the specific area for improvement or completion.

Measurable, establish where you currently are (quantify it in some manner) and project what the outcome will look like (with another higher quantity or best case scenario outcome). Envision the result, completed, and describe it. Now you see what you are shooting for. Write that down, with as much detail as possible.

Assignable, who will be completing the task and who is the support system along the way? Projects are far more attainable when there is accountability of one person (or a team) and identified supporters and resources.

Realistic, define, within reason, budget, resources and, for all practical purposes, how the desired outcome will transpire.

Timely, when will the desired outcome be obtained? What date? Will there be check-ins and evaluation dates along the way?

Include CELEBRATION into your focus and goals. How will you acknowledge when the goal has been reached (or the higher quantity achieved, or the new project completed)? Be kind to yourself and celebrate (even the smaller achievements along the way).

When you fill out the sheet and identify your intent, you are far more likely to achieve them! While using a computer works, I strongly encourage you to physically write out your vision and goals with pen and paper. Include others in your plan, give them updates, ask for support and know you have many people in your sphere of influence who want to help you succeed. I am one of them!

Here’s to reflecting upon the summer and all your accomplishments. Here’s to setting your focus for the fall and establishing smaller pieces in order to reach your end goals! I am on the sidelines, as your cheerleader, and you can do it!

Here’s to achieving youRebecca Rose, CVT, President of CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultantsr goals!

Rebecca Rose, CVT