Saleema Lookman, RVT

If you want to see fearlessness in action, meet Saleema Lookman, RVT and Certified Personal Trainer. Forewarned, her voice is meek but her actions are BOLD! Her presentation is Movement is Medicine discussing the mental health benefits of physical activity plus how to prepare for and protect our bodies on the job. Learn how intentional movement can support your body, mind and spirit.

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Friday March 5th 8:10 Mtn Time 

MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE: Protect our bodies on the job.

As a veterinary professional, you move your body continuously for 10+ hours a day. Physical fitness is probably the last thing on your mind after a long shift, but what if I told you that intentional movement could help you better serve your patients? During this hour we will learn how exercise affects the brain (hormone and neurotransmitter production that improve mood) and why it is crucial for self-care. We will review the numerous movement modalities that you can explore in order to find an enjoyable form of fitness that you will look forward to! Shifting our focus to the physical benefits of exercise, we will identify common areas affected by the physical requirements of being a veterinary professional. Strengthening these affected muscles and stretching regularly can aid in injury prevention during the unpredictable nature of animal restraint. We will also discuss more predictable scenarios, for example lifting an anesthetized patient or large bags of dog food, and how to use proper form to avoid injury. Together (participation is encouraged!) we will close out the hour with a short demonstration of fundamental exercises and stretches that you can utilize at home.


Mental health:

– how exercise affects the brain

– physical activity as a form of self care

– modalities of movement

Physical health:

– how exercise affects the body

– team discussion- common workplace injuries/ problem areas for veterinary  professionals

– identify muscles involved- how can we strengthen them?

– considerations and precautions while restraining animals

– group activity- my favorite exercises and stretches for injury prevention