Rebecca Rose, CVT

Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed Symposium is Rebecca’s fondest achievement in her lengthy and successful career as a veterinary technician.

She will be providing tools in crafting personal Values, Vision & Mission statements. Diving deep into Courageous Conversations because avoidance doesn’t work. Then discovering the correlation between Trust & Vulnerability. Lastly, Jamie Davis, CVPM and Rebecca tag-team the introduction of a case-study in measuring and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in team wellbeing. Learn more about Veterinary Teams Living Well.

Because the Veterinary Technician Students attending Winward Community College are participating in the Living Well Symposium, two courses have been added to support them, but all registrants can attend. Join Rebecca on Saturday, March 6th, at 12:30 for Express Yourself; Define Needs and Wants and at 1:40 for Job Seeking Hacks for Veterinary Professionals.


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Thank you, CATALYST Veterinary Professional Coaches for your support!

Friday March 5th,  7:00 & 10:30 Mtn Time

Crafting your Personal Values, Vision & Mission Statements

Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach

Ideal Day Guided Meditation

Creating your professional path may require some initial soul searching. These three areas, values, vision, and mission, are all connected. Morph the worksheet to meets your needs. You may be wanting to work in a veterinary hospital, within an association, teach students, design a new small business….alter the questions to meet your desire in moving forward and your unique skills.

As you begin this creative exercise, permit your thoughts to flow without boundaries. Allow for real brainstorming to occur, because when you express yourself, authentically, you can create a dynamic career.

Be BOLD, Be BRIGHT, Be COURAGEOUS in writing your thoughts.

Learning Objectives

  • Design guiding principle statements
  • Identify the benefits of defining personal statements
  • Declare values, vision and mission to friends and colleagues

Saturday March 6th  7:00 Am Mtn Time

It’s Better than OK to be Imperfect; Let’s Talk Trust & Vulnerability

Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach

Veterinary team members may be hung up on the unrealistic pretense of having to be perfect (perfect family, perfect job, perfect life, etc.). Every day, within the walls of the veterinary hospital, there are calculations, conversations and projects that must be completed with a high standard of excellence.

Yet every day there are opportunities for mishaps. The fear of failure and of being less than perfect must not paralyze and overshadow a team. Trust and vulnerability may provide the needed safety net. “I need help” and “I apologize” may be statements in vulnerability building trust, improving the dynamics of the team.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize perfection and fear of failure is the recipe for a poor culture
  • Discuss the building of trust on veterinary teams
  • Assess the strength of vulnerability in the words “I need help”

Saturday, March 6th 12:30 PM Mtn Time

Express Yourself; Define Needs and Wants

When considering your “ideal” career and pondering your life’s purpose, you may be surprised what surfaces when you put pen to paper.

Designing your ideal career by fully defining your requirements, a Self-Assessment. 

Saturday, March 6th 1:40 PM Mtn Time

Job Seeking Hacks for Veterinary Professionals. 


Sunday March 7th 9:20 Mtn Time 

Courageous Conversations; Respond, Don’t React

Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach

We know veterinary team members are hungry for tools that will help them bring tough questions and concerns to their managers and veterinarians. Avoiding difficult conversations (because of conflict aversion) does not work. Team members learning productive ways to initiate potentially difficult conversations with co-workers and management may experience higher job satisfaction. Be bold, be bright and BE courageous!

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between empathy and sympathy
  • Outline 6 tips to manage conflict
  • Define the dos and don’ts of an apology

Sunday March 7th 10:30 Mtn Time

New KPI’s in Vet Team Wellbeing – A Case Study

Jamie Davis, BS, CVPM, FFCP & Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach

Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in revenue, client retention and client transactions are well known as a best business practice in evaluating your hospital’s health.  But what about evaluating and measuring veterinary team wellbeing? You can’t manage what you don’t measure. After reviewing those “same old” KPIs, let’s pull them into the 21st century.  Attendees will identify how to establish, measure and report Team Wellbeing KPIs. Receive the tools to create, track and improve your team’s wellbeing.

Learning Objectives

  • Review case study in tracking and reporting veterinary team wellbeing
  • Outline tangible wellbeing activities
  • Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Veterinary Team Wellbeing