Melissa Tompkins, BS, CVPM, PHRca

How impactful would it be if we had defined team values and made fewer assumptions?  These are precisely what Melissa will be tackling head-on during her classes. She will help to facilitate conversations in why core values are important and show attendees the pitfalls of worrying and making assumptions. Valuable lessons to learn to improve team communications and cohesiveness.

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Sunday March 7th 9:20 AM Mtn Time

Team Building; Create Stronger Practice Teams

Melissa Tompkins, BS, CVPM, PHRca

In this presentation, attendees will learn how to use team meetings to help build a stronger team, as well as introduce or maintain the hospital’s core values.  We will discuss why it is important to have core values that your team members can follow and believe in.   We will also discuss not only the importance of having regular team meetings, but how to make them effective.

Learning Objectives

  • Why using core values and having a vision can help create a stronger team
  • How to create these values and a vision statement
  • How to use your team meetings to encourage your core values and your vision.

Sunday March 7th  10:30 AM Mtn Time

Are you Creating your own Drama?

Melissa Tompkins, BS, CVPM, PHRca

This presentation focuses on the drama that we self-create by making things up in our minds or making assumptions about why/what others are doing.  Many times, people worry about things that have not happened by reacting to them like they did.  This causes undue stress on team members and in many cases can cause a large amount of drama in the hospital.  This presentation helps people understand why we “make stuff up in our minds” and how we can stop doing it.  Learning to deal with these challenging thoughts and making fewer assumptions about why others do things will help improve the communication flow of the hospital.

Learning Objectives

  • Realizing that we do “make stuff up” in our minds and worry about things unnecessarily
  • Identify when we are making stuff up
  • Establish how to stop our brain from worrying about things that we cannot control or that we do not actually know to be true