Conflict in choices in wellbeing (Purple & Gray give you a clue)? You will be surprised to hear how to resolve the turmoil when Michelle (MKA) gives you pointers in objective observation. Plus consider the ways Fear Free can support team members in creating a healthy work environment.

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Friday March 5th 

8:10 Purple & Gray, Variations in Approach to Wellbeing

Mary Berg, RVT and Michelle Krasicki-Aune, MBA, BS, CVT

Conflict happens. Attendees will explore how there are various approaches to wellbeing among team members which can create friction. You may have heard about communication styles differing by generations, but consider how we choose to relax, take vacations and even communicate.  Skills for minimizing change conflict with the knowledge of differing preferences and communication styles, resulting in a harmonious work environment will be practiced.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and understand change conflict
  • Recognize and understand generational preferences
  • Learn how to identify the complementary traits that build a well-rounded team

9:20 Fear Free for a Healthy Work Environment

Michelle Krasicki-Aune, MBA, BS, CVT

While the Fear Free concept is generally accepted as being geared towards the care of veterinary patients, did you know the implementation of these concepts correspondingly creates a less stressful environment for the Veterinary Healthcare Team?  Join us as we explore how decreasing fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) creates a more synergistic and beneficial workplace.

Veterinary Team Benefits: Decrease of fear, anxiety, and stress. BOOM!

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and recognize FAS in canine and feline patients
  • Define and recognize FAS in the Veterinary Healthcare Team
  • Understand how the implementation of Fear Free principals decrease FAS in patients, clients, and the Veterinary Healthcare Team