Leann Benedetti, DVM

Living a smarter, safer and healthier life is within your grasp! Dr. Bendetti has years of experience working in the trenches alongside veterinary teams. She has a tender spot in her heart for the teams that show up delivering healing care to pets and their parents. She will provide the tools you need to make the shift in your life and career.

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Saturday March 6th 8:10 & 9:20 AM Mtn Time

Understanding & Alleviating Fatigue & Trauma in Veterinary Practice
Let’s Live Smarter, Safer and Healthier
Session 1: Why, When and What Happens

Every member of the Veterinary Team is at risk for Burnout, Trauma and Ultimately
Compassion Fatigue. First, we need to understand that is true. Second, we need to understand
what happens, and why. Third, we need to take a proactive, preventive approach to keep
ourselves well. We recommend it for our pets-why do we not practice it ourselves??

Session 2: How to make Life in Practice Safer: Tips & Skills from the trenches
Finally, we need to put our goals into action. How do these things show up for us personally,
what can we do to work smarter and protect ourselves from the effects of our jobs so we can
continue to do what we love. We will learn some basic starting points that will make a