Kimberly Pope-Robinson, DVM

“Taking time to press pause,” encourages Kimberly, “allows us each permission to find our unique path to serenity in our world.” She will guide attendees down the path to recognize where we are, embrace ourselves, and find connections.

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Saturday March 6th 7:00 Mtn Time 

Finding Connection & Calm in Times of Challenge

Kimberly Pope-Robinson, DVM

There are moments in history where society as we know it changes forever.  Earthquakes and hurricanes have altered neighborhoods and building codes.  Man-made moments such as walking on the moon or the creation of the atomic bomb have created monumental cultural shifts throughout humanity.  In early 2020 the entire world started on the journey of living through a novel viral pandemic – COVID 19.  Disease pandemics are not new to the human race and examples include the black plague of the middle ages and the Spanish flu of 1918 where illness killed millions across the globe. Finding peace when living during an unprecedented time is challenging. Taking time to press pause and take a deep breath allows us each permission to find our unique path to serenity in our world during challenging events.  Taking the path to recognize where we are, embrace ourselves, and find connection helps us in our resiliency during these extremely difficult times.  This will also help us get ahead of wondering what will our world look post unexpected event. This lecture will use the recent global viral pandemic as a roadmap in learning actionable steps that we can each take to help us along during any journey of challenge and uncertainty.


  • Provide language for the challenge of living through moments of increased anxiety and stress
  • Understand the many points of anxiety faced upon the veterinary professional during times of unplanned chaos
  • Provide actionable steps to help move forward during times of uncertainty