Kate Neligan, Equine-Partnered Coach

Horses teach us to embrace our authentic self. They remind us to lead from our hearts, find joy and do what feels good. Kate has been providing Equine-Partnered Coaching for many years and understands how lessons learned with the horses easily integrate into team-work and work/life blend. She is unable to join us during the March Symposium, but you are encouraged to follow her and meet her Remuda on her Equine Coach Facebook Page 

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Kate Neligan, MA, BA Psychology, LinkedIn Profile

Equine-Partnered Leadership  

Kate Neligan, MA Spiritual Psychology, BA Psychology, Equine-Partnered Life Coach 

While there are many great ways to learn leadership, one of the best ways is to experience it. Nothing compares to leading a 1200 pound prey animal as a predator. We are required to learn communication, present moment awareness, trust, and confidence. A horse is an incredible partner in the coaching process as they are not only very intuitive creatures having evolved alongside humans for many years, but they also serve to reflect our ways of being and how they work or don’t. In this experiential process, we believe that how you do one thing is how you might do anything. Therefore, participating in groundwork exercises with horses can quickly illuminate what is and isn’t working in our approach to leadership.

Learning Objectives

  • Design awesomeness every day by learning to live more in the moment
  • Outline ways to boost confidence by staying focused on strengths
  • Detail how conscious choices positively impact life and career
  • Put together presence, confidence, and consciousness to learn how to become a more centered and powerful leader

“Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.”                                         – Shiv Khera