Helena Leigh Smith, BSc, RVT

Meet Helena, a Tik Tok Wizard, Health & Fitness Coach, and an RVT. Quite a lot of tricks in her bag! Over the years, she has taken a deeper dive into health & wellness advocacy. Helena enjoys working within our community encouraging the achievement of balanced fitness & nutrition plans. Her objective as a fitness coach is to help others face stress & adversity with strength & resilience.

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Friday, March 5th at 7:00 AM Mtn Time 

TITLE: Good Food, Good Mood: Tips & Tricks for Meal Planning and Prepping
Description: Simply put, why wouldn’t we make a habit out of something that can not only reduce your stress, but save you time and money throughout your week, AND encourage leveling up your eating game which contributes to your overall health and mental wellness?! This course will explore the different approaches to meal planning and prep to help inspire and motivate you to create your own healthy nutrition routine.
Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the benefits of meal planning and prepping
2. Learn tips and tricks for formulating a meal plan that works for your lifestyle, from creation to cooking!
3. Share recipe and meal ideas ideal for busy schedules