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Meet H Howells, DVM, our self-proclaimed “Crazy Lady” in the Symposium Village. Her diverse background brings great depth to her storytelling and passion for those within the veterinary community. She shares a bit of her past experiences and backyard.

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Saturday March 5th 8:10 Mtn Time

Job, Career, Calling – Reframing Your View of Veterinary Work and Advocating for Yourself

H Howells, DVM

This session explores the idea that we can become a healthier population of veterinary

professionals if we can reframe the way we view veterinary work — as a meaningful job or career, without it having to be a “calling.”

Positive psychology gives us ample evidence that it is important to find meaning in one’s work,

to further success as well as increase career satisfaction and enjoyment. There are benefits for many individuals in thinking of veterinary medicine as a “calling.” However, there is also emerging evidence that viewing one’s career as a calling can lead to workaholism, perfectionism, and exploitation by employers. These elements of a “dark side” of being called may make veterinary workers more susceptible to burnout, exhaustion, compassion fatigue, moral fatigue, substance abuse, mental illness, and suicidal ideation. We will review important new research backing this idea and explore ways that we might be part of the solution.

Learning Objectives

  • Establishing healthier boundaries and self-advocacy with employers
  • Creating better ability to enjoy life outside of work, since veterinary workers can truly be “off-duty”
  • Generate more satisfaction at work, due to a release of self-imposed performance pressure

Saturday March 5th 9:20 Mtn Time

Job Crafting for Veterinary Teams

H Howells, DVM

Job crafting is the practice of taking the job you have, and molding it to make it more meaningful for YOU. Pioneered, researched, and written about extensively by Amy Wrzesniewski, American Psychologist and Professor at the Yale School of Management, job crafting helps individuals increase their job satisfaction, grow within their field, and leverage their strengths at work. For organizations, it can help increase team efficacy, reduce turnover, and improve culture and business outcomes.

Job crafting is woefully underutilized in veterinary practices, and this session aims to change that. Historically, veterinarians, technicians, and other staff members on veterinary teams have been expected to be generalists. But in our broad field, with a wide range of competencies, asking all veterinary workers to excel at all areas of practice is a recipe for burnout and disaster. This session will illustrate how job crafting, on both an individual and an organization level, can help veterinary practices to leverage the strengths of their workers, and achieve better outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify what Job Crafting is
  • Develop ways to incorporate job crafting into practice
  • Outline ways to leverage the strengths of team members