Generous Sponsors

We are honored to partner with generous veterinary industry sponsors in the delivery and support of the    Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed Symposium!

Sponsors Participate & Engage in Many Ways.

As we continue to GROW these relationships, you will find their information below.

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Conceived by CATALYST Veterinary Professional Coaches 

Industry Champion

Nationwide Pet Insurance continues to support Living Well with a Speaker, Jamie Green, and financial support.

We are glad they are on our side!

You may connect with Jamie Green on LinkedIn. She can help to answer your questions and get you in contact with other Account Executives at Nationwide Pet.

View 1 of 2 light-hearted interviews with Dr. Jules Benson, Chief Veterinary Officer 

November 2021

July 2020


Community Leader  

Movement Builder

Friend of Living Well 

Speaker Sponsor  

Boehringer Ingelheim

Thank you, BI, for your continued support of Dr. Becky Krull’s presentations in Self-Worth and Strike a Balance.  Her classes are AWESOME! 


MKA, Michelle Kresicki-Aune, MBA, CVT is graciously sponsored by Fear Free Pets. Her interesting class links fear-free to a healthy work environment. Imagine THAT!?


Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson’s talents SHINE in connecting your career and life in a compelling, passionate manner. Thank you 1 Life Connected for your continued support of Living Well.