Friday Living Well Classes

Friday Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed Symposium

All times are in Mountain Zone

6:10 AM Mindfulness & Gratitude


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Elective Track

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8:10 AM   Movement is Medicine; Protect your Body 

9:20 Retirement on a Vet Team’s Wages

  • Stephen Patterson
  • Notes

10:30 Team Meetings; Stress & Relief

  • Jamie Davis, CVPM
  • Notes

11:45 Mindfulness & Gratitude with Jamie Davis

Vintage Speaker Track 1 (CE Credits)

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7:00 AM Crafting your Personal Values, Vision & Mission Statements 

8:10 AM Purple & Gray; Variations in Approaches to Wellbeing 

  • Mary Berg, RVT, VTS (Dentistry) & Michelle Krasiki-Aune, CVT
  • Notes

9:20 AM Fear Free and Healthy Work Environment 

  • Michelle Krasicki-Aune, CVT
  • Notes

10:30 Crafting your Personal Values, Vision & Mission Statements

Vintage Speaker Track 2 (CE Credits) 

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7:00 AM Keys to Work-Life Balance; My Failures and Successes 

8:10 AM Building Team Resiliency; 4 Components and Strategies 

9:20 AM Building Resilience, A Deeper Look at Active Relaxation 

10:30 AM It’s Better than OK to be Imperfect; Let’s Talk Trust & Vulnerability

11:45 AM Mindfulness & Gratitude w/ Jamie Davis