Dr. Becky Krull

Meet the wonderfully innovative and compassionate Dr. Becky Krull. Learn about her struggle with facing burnout and how it was the motivator to coaching and improving her career satisfaction. Her topics during the Streamed Symposium focus on tips to improve self-care and acknowledging your self-worth.

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Saturday March 5th 8:10  Mtn Time

Strike the Balance Becky Krull, DVM

It takes great communication, awareness, discipline and mindfulness to set boundaries when it comes to work/life balance.  It means when the workday is done tidying up your workspace to start with a clean slate, tomorrow.  On your way home blast some feel-good music, sing and move the stressors of the day away.  It will not serve anyone carrying bad energy from a tough day into the house and miss out on the very precious and limited time at home.   Once home, strive to be in the moment and not stay lost in the cases and struggles of the workday, it can’t be changed anyway.  Put away the phone, transition from your workday into your life. These habits are just that, repeatable and healthy. Attendees will learn how to incorporate and solidify the habits to Strike the Balance.

Learning Objectives

  • Define what fills your cup first
  • Determine how to bring your best self home at the end of the day
  • Communicating and scheduling time with family and friends
  • Outline benefits of putting down electronic devices
  • Nurturing your gifts and hobbies
  • Setting healthy boundaries

Saturday March 6th 9:20 Mtn Time

Acknowledging Self-Worth  Becky Krull, DVM

If we think negatively, that’s what the universe gives us.  If we are of a loving, positive and affirming mind set, that is what we become. It’s not uncommon to be constantly battling automatic thoughts that our brain has been programmed to go to from past experiences.  You are worth the self-care, fun, dreams and balance of life and work.

Incorporating meditation with positive affirmations may help to retrain your brain.  Listening to motivational speakers and life coaches may be supportive habits.  Follow positive Facebook personalities.  Self-worth means honoring your time, services, skills, expertise and charging for it.  It means honoring all the education and knowledge you have and charging for it when you give it, not giving it away freely.  When you start to value yourself, others value you as well.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish the benefits of working with a mentor or life coach
  • Identifying positive thoughts and positive actions
  • Understand the benefits of valuing yourself and your services
  • Charging for your time, services and knowledge