David Horner, MBA, Coach

Pushing beyond your comfort zone is where the true MAGIC happens in personal and professional growth. If anyone understands supporting a person through the fear is Recreational Coach David Horner. He coaches his clients in the safety and expansion of pushing their limits on motorbikes and small aircraft. Attendees will learn about the psychology of feeling the fear and pushing ON! Recognizing and overcoming self-doubt is the first step. Learn more at Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed Symposium.

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David Horner, Business Development & Recreational Coach, New Zealand LinkedIn profile

Saturday March 6th 10:30 Mtn Time

Feel the Fear & Push ON

David Horner, MBA, Environmental Sciences, Recreational Coach

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the psychology of getting to scary
  • Identify the limiting beliefs holding your career back
  • Recognizing the inner, doubting voice