Celebrate More

June 20, 2020

Leading your veterinary team in #CelebrateMore

You and your team may miss out on great opportunities to celebrate successes, small and BIG! When a team member or the entire team achieves a goal, acknowledge it. Celebrating may improve team morale and increase job satisfaction. What have you got to lose?

You may be scratching your head and thinking, “How can celebrating be leading?” In my experience, acknowledging someone for a job well-done or an achievement is a great way to encourage and lead. Generally, your team members want to be recognized. They simply want to be heard and valued for what they bring to the table.

Currently, when a team member or the entire team achieves a success, what do you do?

In our fast-paced, non-stop 24/7 world, to brush off an achievement or success can happen too easily. To stop a moment, recognize the accomplishment, and celebrate the moment is a win/win proposition.

4 top reasons for celebrating a success is good for the team member and the entire team

  1. Focuses on a job well-done, a positive notion. Unites the team in a moment that is uplifting, supportive, and “out of the ordinary.” Reminds the team that goals have been set and achieved. Reminds them they work for an organization that is successful!
  2. Motivates the team. Your team members may be motivated by “gettin’ ‘er done!” In my experience, many team members are driven to accomplish goals. They enjoy “checking it off.” When team members are encouraged to support each other in individual and group goals, there can be great synergy.
  3. Celebrating is FUN! It feels good to have fun together! Celebrations can be colorful, loud, spontaneous, and a collaborative effort.
  4. Builds Camaraderie. When a team or individual chooses to focus on a common goal or purpose, in the collaboration of the project, there can be opportunities to learn more about each other. When there are shared experiences, there can be great things that come out of the occasion.

Reasons to celebrate

When you stop to think about it, there are many reasons to celebrate. The opportunities may come in the form of a promotion, educational achievement, and reaching a practice goal. A technician that has been at the hospital for a number of years is promoted to Practice Manager (Woot WOOT!). A veterinarian has spent the last few years becoming a Diplomate (HOORAY!). The practice had its biggest heartworm clinic, ever (YAHOO!). How about celebrating moving into a new veterinary hospital? Yes, often times there is an Open House, but how about a team pot luck meal or taking the team out to a restaurant for dinner. Moving into a new building is a HUGE accomplishment!

How to celebrate

Most of the time we can come up with a handful of ways to celebrate, but there are hundreds of ways to celebrate. Consider asking the team how they would like to be recognized.

Celebrate at a team:

  1. Organize a bowling party
  2. Head to an amusement park
  3. Coupons to the local ice cream shop
  4. Plan a surprise picnic
  5. Movie night
  6. Shopping spree at a nearby mall
  7. Send a personal thank you note to their home
  8. Display a chart that shows team goals and achievements

Celebrate an individual accomplishment:

  1. Wash their car in the back parking lot
  2. A subscription to a magazine of their choice
  3. Deliver a basket of fruit to their home
  4. Name badge with years of service
  5. Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries
  6. Treat an employee to lunch
  7. Write about the accomplishment on your Blog
  8. At monthly meetings, acknowledge achievements

When leading by example in celebrating successes, not all celebrations have to be expensive. A handwritten thank you note speaks volume of gratitude. If the veterinary hospital has a credit card that racks up points, use the points in a creative way. Seriously, when I managed a practice in Colorado, some of the broadest smiles came from receiving a coupon for a triple scoop ice cream cone at the Sundae Shop! Use your imagination and be creative. Sincerity and thoughtfulness go a long way.

Your team may have great ideas. At an upcoming team meeting simply ask them, “How do you want to celebrate as a team and individually?” The answers may surprise you.

Yours in Celebrating Successes,

Rebecca Rose, CVT