Carrie McCrudden, PsyD

When we try to avoid, escape from or delay action on unwanted thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences, we end up stuck in rigid, reactive and ineffective responses.

Psychological Flexibility means accepting the reality you have in this moment and then figuring out your next best move.

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Saturday March 6th 10:30 Mtn Time

Psychological Flexibility for the Win

Carrie McCrudden, PsyD

Your perception of your reality is defined through your thoughts, beliefs and reactions. Attendees will learn how to use the concept of working with the reality you have to get closer to the reality you want. To fill in the gap you must identify your top values and wants. Flexibility shows you how to use skillful action to achieve a more meaningful life.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the reality you are in compared to the reality you want
  • Define the action needed to achieve a more meaningful life
  • Outline your top values