#BeatTheStigma #BreakTheStigma

Destigmatization of mental health challenges within the veterinary community. That’s what this is ALL ABOUT! It’s better than OK to say “I need help.”

First, view the Invite video directly below. How many team members do you have (or had) feeling depressed, unable to come in to work?”

Second, read a couple of articles focusing on Mental Health Awareness

1) Choose Progress over Perfection 


It was during the AVMA Veterinary Wellness Summit at Colorado State University in 2016 Keynote Rebecca heard the biggest word, “Destigmatization.” A word she will continue to use, bringing to light #BeatTheStigma #BreakTheStigma.

Thirdly, view the 30-minute Lunch & Learn, directly below.

Dr. Krull and Rebecca Rose, CVT are veterinary professionals, simply a veterinarian and veterinary technician, wanting to provide solutions in supporting other veterinary professionals. Resources below, after you have viewed the video.

Read a series of articles, Employee Assistance Programs, created in collaboration with the VHMA, NAVTA and Veterinary Practice News providing guidance in creating, delivering and the benefits of Employee Assistant Programs.

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