Brandon Hess CVPM CCFP

Aloha! Brandon Hess, CVPM, CCFP brings all of his experience in management and leadership to the table in helping us understand what doesn’t work (first-hand knowledge), does work, and the secret to a long, fulfilled career in veterinary medicine. He is a consultant with VetSupport and we are honored he is joining the stellar line-up of Living Well Speakers.

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Friday March 5th 7:00 Mtn Time 

Keys to Work-Life Balance; My failures and successes

Brandon Hess, BS, CVPM, CCFP

As someone who nearly left the industry due to poor work-life-balance and self-care, I get it. The work we (every position!) do is challenging, and we all feel unappreciated at times. At the peak of my burnout I was getting poor sleep, having nightmares, drinking more than usual and it was all having an impact on my marriage. How did I bounce back from that? It wasn’t easy, but I’ve helped many people do it since. Let me share my failures and success to help you understand the keys to work-life balance and set a plan in place to achieve it for yourself.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine how to measure your work-life-balance
  • Identify what is causing you to have low work-life-balance
  • Understand an alternative definition of work-life-balance

Friday March 5th 8:10 Mtn Time 

Building Team Resiliency; 4 Components and Strategies

Brandon Hess, BS, CVPM & Carol Hurst, LVT, CVPM


Resilience is that precious thing that we all seem to need more of, especially these days. Resilience dictates whether or not you have a meltdown at the end of a long day. It is something that is a finite resource that can be tested and built up if you understand the building blocks. Through trial and error we have discovered ways to build reserves of resilience. There is a way! There is no magic wand. Attendees will learn the four components of resilience and strategies for helping to build each.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the four components of resilience.
  • Identify strategies for building up each individual area/component.
  • Figure out how to start building your own resiliency plan