Bull by the Horns; Authentic Self

July 9, 2020

Bull by the Horns – Authentic Self Recall your younger-self, the one who had  the “bull by the horns!” You obviously are ready to experience more au..

Celebrate More

June 20, 2020

Leading your veterinary team in #CelebrateMore You and your team may miss out on great opportunities to celebrate successes, small and BIG! When a team mem..

Want List – Don’t Want List

June 18, 2020

It has become very clear to me a percentage of people focus on what they don’t want without consideration of what they do want. What is your experien..

Choose a Positive Attitude

June 1, 2020

Attitude, you choose it every day. Have you ever been told, “You’re too positive?” If you have, it is by far one of the best compliments you will eve..

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